All the Scale information is available below the movie.

This first link has all the major and minor (3 forms) scales.
They are printed in 2 and 3 octaves on one staff so you need to look carefully.

The second link is all of the chromatic scales. Again in multiple octaves.

When you are performing you scales you go by the actual letter name for the not on your instrument. NOT CONCERT PITCH
When you are required to play a 2 octave scale you plaw from the low note all the way up the 2 octaves and then come back down...

Minor scales only need to be played in one octave. (extra octaves are extra credit)
Minor scales only need to be played in 1 form. (extra forms are extra credit)

Scale Test Requirements
When it lists Bb-2 it means you must play the Bb 2 octaves for credit.
Each quarter of your high school band career the requirements go up.
find the place on the chart above that lists your grade and quarter.
For example 9.4 means 9th grade 4th quarter. It says 5, 2 which means your requirement is 5 major scales and 2 minor.
All Major and mionr scales must be performed by memory during the 5 minute time limit.
The Chromatic scale requirement has it's own 20 second time limit.
If you have any questions or problems understanding this email me.