Western Wayne Band Handbook

Dear Parents and Students,
Please take the time to carefully read and review the attached pages. I have made every attempt to include all the information you need to know to have a great year.
This hand book was written to help you! Keep it handy.
The attached forms must be turned in by Friday if you have not done so already. Many of you only need the signature page.
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This handbook has been written to inform band members and their families of the privileges and responsibilities of membership in the Western Wayne Band Program, as well as to establish performance and rehearsal schedules.

Within the instrumental music program there are multiple ensembles such as Concert Band, Marching Band, Jazz Band, Brass and Woodwind Ensembles. Band Class is the backbone of the instrumental music program, and rehearses during the scheduled BAND period. All students in BAND Class are automatically members of the Concert and Marching Bands. Selection to Jazz Band, Brass and Woodwind Ensembles and other special performing groups will be established by the Band Director. Pep Band is a student run organization not under the umbrella of the Western Wayne Band Program. Student participation in this organization is not supervised. Students attend all pep band functions on their own as spectators.

The Band performs in two formal concerts annually. These are traditionally a holiday concert and a spring concert. The Band also performs for special school functions such as assemblies, graduation and pep rallies.
The Band performs at all football games, many prestigious parades and local functions about twice a year. Students will be given notice of performances well in advance or they will not be expected to perform. ALL performances are graded and required.

The Band will rehearse one period a day during the school year. After school rehearsals are mandatory but will be limited and announced well in advance to allow students time to arrange schedules. Rehearsals for extra ensembles will be scheduled as needed.
A full rehearsal schedule for marching season will be handed out each year. On average the BAND will hold a short rehearsal once a week for most of the summer. Besides helping prepare the musicians for the coming year, this rehearsal schedule provides an opportunity for the students to stay in touch with their instruments throughout the summer. Attendance at these rehearsals is expected unless the student is excused by the Band Director for family vacation or another valid reason. A note from the parent is needed for excuse. About one week of concentrated practice will be scheduled immediately prior to the start of school or first performance. Students should make every effort to attend these practices since performance positions will be assigned at this time. Students who are unable to attend these practices will assume the roll of alternate.

Attendance is required and mandatory for all Band and Color Guard members. Any student who is absent from after school rehearsal without valid excuse will forfeit their 3rd quarter break for that week and sit in the stands. Students who miss a second rehearsal without excuse will be benched for that weeks performance, forfeit their 3rd quarter break and be required to perform all show music from memory as a test grade to replace their performance grade for the week. Further absence will be dealt with as needed.
EXCUSED ABSENCE: Parental written excuses must be submitted to the Band Director in advance of the practice to be missed. Students will only be considered excused if the reason is valid according to school attendance policy

Every effort will be made to allow students to participate in the Western Wayne High School Sports Program and Band in the same season. When Band rehearsals conflict with any meet or game those band members will be excused from band rehearsal to participate. When students have a conflict between sports practice and band rehearsal, students will participate in band rehearsal until 4:00. Students should prepare for sports practice prior to 3:00 so they are able to report to their sport practice immediately following 4:00 dismissal from Band. Color Guard itself is an extra-curricular activity and is in direct conflict with sports practices. Unless the color Guard Instructor is able to schedule extra practices after sports hours, color guard members will not be excused to go to sports practice. They will be excused to go to games etc.

MUSIC DEPARTMENT TO SCHOOL, AND SCHOOL TO COMMUNITY RELATIONSHIP Music is part of everyone's life and as such should be part of school functions. The Band will participate in many school functions during the year. Only a small number of performances will be required for the entire band. Members may earn extra performance credit for participating in extra events. Parades and community performances are required performances. These may occur on holidays from time to time. When this does it is important that band members and their families recognize the obligation of the band to perform for special events. We need everyone to participate to ensure a professional performance

Band is a performance class. As such, all students who elect this class accept the responsibility of participating in extra rehearsals and performances. Grading for each quarter is adjusted to the performance requirements of that season (marching or concert).
1st quarter grade
60% Performance
20% Class participation (includes lessons and rehearsals)
10% Marching music from memory test

10% Scale Test
2nd quarter grade
40% Performance (Christmas Concert and assemblies. Etc.)
20% Scale test(s)
40% Class participation (includes lessons and rehearsals)

3rd quarter grade
25% Performance (St. Patrick's Parade, etc.)
25% Music test(s)
20% Scale Test(s)
30% Class participation (includes lessons and rehearsals)

4th quarter grade
40% Performance (Spring Concert, Waymart Parade, etc.)
30% Music test(s)
30% Class participation (includes lessons and rehearsals)

Final Exam
The final exam for Band is performance at Graduation.

Homework Policy – Practice, Practice, Practice!!!
Visit our new HOW and WHY to PRACTICE Blog at www.wwbandblog.blogspot.com

All Band Members will be assigned a Band Uniform which will be worn when announced. Purchase of Band Shoes and a solid black "T" shirt and black socks are the responsibility of each student. A large order will be sent out at the beginning of each year to accommodate the students who need to purchase the correct shoes, and to make them easy for the student to obtain. Each student will receive one pair of gloves per school year. Purchase of subsequent or extra pairs is the responsibility of each student. Students are responsible for properly hanging and returning their uniform to the uniform room after each performance. The uniforms will be cleaned by the school once each year. Students are responsible for the maintenance of their uniform during the school year. The full uniform is to be worn in performance and in public at all times unless otherwise instructed. Hats and jackets may be removed only if announced by the band director in the event of hot weather. If a student does not have the proper “T” shirt under the uniform they may not remove their uniform jacket in public. In no case may the pants be unzipped and left to hang open.

Being dressed in “Uniform” includes the following:

1. Only small earrings of gold color may be worn and must not dangle below the lobe.
2. NO Excessive jewelry. Bracelets/watches must be covered by the gloves. Any Jewelry worn must be of gold or silver color.
3. No unnatural makeup, nail polish or face paint.
4. Hair which hangs below the collar of the uniform must be put under the hat. Students are responsible for bringing the necessary items to do this.

No amorous activity is permitted in uniform. Superior conduct is expected when in uniform. You are representing the whole band, your directors, your school and your parents while in uniform.

Band members are required to obtain a traditional “formal” black and white performing outfit (Full length black dress pants or below-the-knee skirt and white button down shirt with a collar or dress blouse with collar and sleeves). Black dress shoes must be worn. When not wearing the uniform, this will be the usual dress for performance. Rain Coats are provided and must be worn as the outer layer when announced by the band director. When needed, additional jackets and other items, may be worn UNDER the raincoat.

At the end of the school year an awards presentation will be held, at which time all members who have successfully completed the year will receive an award.

At each grade level awards will be given to the MOST EXEMPLARY band member and the MOST IMPROVED band member. These awards are given by the Band Director to the person who best exemplifies what a band member should be. Criteria includes but is not limited to: Musical ability and dedication to one's instrument, dedication to the band in general, attendance, attitude, spirit, and leadership.
An award called the BLACK AND GOLD AWARD will be given by the Band (decided upon by vote) to the person who best meets the above criteria.

Selection to Honors Ensembles: (ie. District Band and Orchestra, County Band, Marywood University Honors Band)
These ensembles provide an excellent opportunity for our students who excel at WW to be recognized for their excellence and dedication. Selection to these ensembles or selection to “tryout” is a privilege not a right and is at the sole discretion of the band director. Students who are not in good standing with school field trip policy will not be recommended for these honors.

Spring Trip : May

One of the most rewarding parts of the Band Year is our Annual Spring Trip. Our Band officers and Band Parents are now working on plans for this year’s trip. Since the Trip is performance oriented, everyone is needed on the spring trip. The Western Wayne Band Parents Association provides several opportunities each year to help families raise money for the trip. CAVEAT! Please be aware that school attendance, discipline and grading policy are in effect with regard to the spring band trip. Students must not have 15 or more absences by the end of the 3rd Qr. Any student failing two or more subjects or displaying inappropriate behavior will be restricted from attending field trips. In order to reserve buses, hotels and events for a groups of our size money needs to be paid on deposit well in advance. Any student with an average grade in band below 70% will declared ineligible for the trip. Money paid for these purposes can not be refunded if your trip participation is restricted. Deadlines for trip money will also be announced. This money must be either paid on account or earned by fundraising. Complete fundraising details will be forthcoming and are discussed and decided upon at the monthly meetings each second Thursday at 7:00 PM in the High School Band room.


Color Guard is an extra curricular activity which is part of the Marching Band. All Band Class members must perform with the Band proper on their musical instrument. Special opportunities may exist for those band members who would also like to participate in Color Guard.

Attendance at all Color Guard practices is mandatory. Color Guard members who miss an after school rehearsal without valid excuse will forfeit their 3rd quarter break for that week and sit in the stands. Further unexcused absence may result in dismissal from the ensemble. Excuses to this policy must be presented in the form of a parental note and be approved in advance by the Color Guard Advisor or Band Director.

To facilitate home practice, members may borrow flags and other equipment. All equipment must be returned according to the time schedule set by the Color Guard Advisor. Students are responsible for all equipment which is taken home as with any other school property.
The Color Guard is part of the Western Wayne Band Program. As such, Color Guard Members are expected to follow all rules set up by the Band Director as established in this handbook.

Every Color Guard member must be able to perform their routine totally on their own while marking time in order to be selected to perform on the field with the band. Any color Guard member who is unable to perform up to this standard will not be allowed to perform.

Color Guard uniform will be established by the Band Director in cooperation with the Color Guard Advisor. Color Guard members must abide by all aspects above related to their respective uniform.


1. All Band members (and CG) are to sit with their sections in the stands at games.
2. The 3rd quarter will be considered break. Food and drink should be limited to this break to minimize the soiling of uniforms and to keep the musicians mouth free of food for playing. Students are to be seated with 2 minutes still on the clock, in the third quarter. Abuse of this rule will shorten future breaks for that student and possibly the whole band.
3. Uniforms are to be worn at all times including break. Hats or jackets may be removed only if announced by the Band Director.
4. Color Guard members are to sit as a group and stand whenever the Band plays.
5. Friends and family of Band and Guard are not allowed to sit in the band area unless they are approved chaperones
6. Band and Guard are not permitted to leave the stands for any reason unless excused by the Band Director, Asst. Director or Guard Advisor.

1. All students must ride to and from performances with the group. Exceptions must be cleared in advance with the Band Director.
Students will only be released to their parents (guardian) at any other location than the school grounds. A note explaining the reason for exception must be presented in advance. The Band Director will not hold the group up waiting to connect with any individual’s parent at a performance venue. Students will not be left unsupervised to wait for their parent.
2. Individual students will be held responsible for any damage to the bus. This includes trash and spills.
3. Students will be dismissed to board buses from the Band Room. No student belongings are to be put on the bus prior to this time. Seniors will be dismissed first, followed by juniors, sophomores and freshmen.

4. Chaperones are volunteers who are along to help you. They are to be respected and are deserving your cooperation.
5. Bus assignments will be established at the beginning of the school year and WILL NOT BE CHANGED at the request of students.

1. Seating preference goes by grade in school.
2. No foul language or loud behavior will be tolerated. Topics for conversation must be school appropriate.
3. No flash photography on a dark bus.
4. No amorous activity is permitted. Boys and girls will only be allowed to sit together if there is cooperation with this rule.
5. Personal headsets are allowed. Boom Boxes may be used if you get permission from the chaperone in charge and it is kept at a soft level. Music played on either must be school appropriate.
6. Clean up after yourself! If the bus is dirty EVERYONE will come back an clean it.
Failure to comply with these rules will earn you an assigned seat for the remainder of the year.

Students are responsible for loading and unloading their own equipment. All Band and Color Guard members are to help with all common equipment (props, raincoats, etc).

The Drum Major and Captains will be chosen by the Band Director.
When needed, a tryout will be held with impartial judges.
These offices require extra time and effort on the student's behalf. Drum Majors and Captains will be held to a higher standard of behavior and attendance. Students must be in good academic standing in ALL of their classes in order to be considered for selection to any leadership position. Students unable to accept this will be asked to step down. Band and Color Guard members are to offer respect these students. In order to prevent disruption during rehearsals, any conflict with these student leaders should be taken up with the Band Director, not directly with the student leader.

Summer performances are not required but are fun. Summer performances will be limited to local events and a “weather appropriate” “summer uniform” will be announced for any scheduled performances.

All money turned in to the band must be in the form of a check or money order and made out to the “Western Wayne Band Parents Association”.

On the signature page you will be asked to make a commitment since the cost of the trip can change dramatically based on the number of students participating.

Please return the following three pages by
These forms were distributed on

Students will not be allowed to participate in any band event until these forms are completed and returned.


to participate in the Western Wayne Band for the 2009/10 school year.













Please list any medical conditions or allergies and symptoms associated with same for the above mentioned student.

Please list any medications _ is currently now taking.

Date of students last tetanus shot:



Name of Covered Person:

Signature of Medical Insurance Subscriber:


I, certify and understand that in the event of an accident or illness to my child, Mr. Raymond Stedenfeld or other Chaperone, will try to notify me or my emergency contact person. In the event of medical emergency concerning my child where I, or my assign can not be reached, I authorize Mr. Raymond Stedenfeld, or other authorized chaperone to secure the services as deemed necessary of a qualified and licensed medical doctor and or hospital. I further agree that I will incur the expenses for necessary services in the event of accident or illness and provide for the payment of these costs.

Parent / Guardian Signature:

Parent Guardian Signature _

Trip commitment.

_Yes, my child will go on the spring trip. I understand that part or all of the money paid may not be refunded if we back out at a later date or if my child is removed from the trip due to school attendance, grade or discipline policy.
_No, my child will not be participating in the Spring Trip.

Parent Statement

I (We) have read, and understand the Band Handbook, specifically its performance and rehearsal requirements, and the field trip policy, and agree to support our son/daughter in fulfilling their commitment to the Western Wayne Band Program. I understand that pick-up times are listed on the enclosed schedule and I will make arrangements for a timely ride for my child so as not to inconvenience the band staff.

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